The WasherCap™ devices are engineered for superior soft-tissue graft fixation, offering strength and stiffness for effective osseointegration and biomechanical integrity, particularly in spongy bone procedures where specialized fixation is critical for optimal clinical results.

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Benefits and Features

The design and components (Cap, Screw and Washer) of the WasherCap allows a complete entrapment of the soft-tissue graft inside the device, so there is no dependance on the quality of the patient’s cancellous bone. WasherCap™ is the best ally for a safe and reliable soft-tissue graft fixation:

  • Not dependent of the cancellous bone quality: the inner imprisonment of the graft into the device makes the fixation independent of the patient’s Bone Mineral Density which is a critical and uncontrollable factor during graft fixation.
  • Maximum fixation strength and highly reliable: WasherCap provides graft fastening with optimal load resistance (up to 50% higher than current interference screw) and minimal deviation*, promoting safer recovery.
  • Soft-tissue graft protection: prevents threading against the soft tissue graft. The screw-washer assembly prevents screw transmission to the graft, preserving its tension and integrity.
  • Easy to control and adjust graft tension.
  • Avoids device displacement under cyclical loads thanks to its cortical implantation.
  • Provides tunnel plugging
  • Surgical technique: together with the associated instrument set, the fixation of the new graft with the WasherCap device is easily reproducible. WasherCap can be used in both primary and revision ACL surgeries, where the tunnel may be damaged.

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